2010 pureCru CFM


Chris and I had the pleasure last spring trying a barrel sample of the CFM (Cabernet Franc and Merlot) at pureCru with Mitch Cosentino it’s winemaker.  Mitch had mentioned he had something special he wanted to share with us.  When we met up, he arrived with a small bottle labeled CFM .  He had us try the wine before he told us what it was.  The barrel sample was excellent and I could not wait for its first release!

We received our club shipment a week before Christmas.  Not knowing what was in the box I was happy to see it included two bottles of the 2010 CFM, as well as a 2010 Petite Sirah that we too had sampled in May with friends at pureCru.  I was eager to enjoy the CFM so I let it sit on the counter a few days to settle prior to opening it.

photo 1

Dave and I had some unfinished business with our Chardonnay so Chris and I joined them for dinner.  The girls were finishing up in the kitchen and setting the table when I grabbed a couple of glasses and a cork screw.  I pulled the cork and poured each of us a glass.  I had just enough time to sample the wine with Dave before we sat down to eat.

The color was purple and deep in-depth.  There was no sediment in either the glasses or in the bottle.

photo 3

The CFM’s aroma was medium and fruity.  I noted sweet cherry, slight oak and spice.

This wine was really balanced.  It was not dry or stringent and the acidity was nice not tart or flabby.  The tannins were medium but soft.  Tasting the wine it had a soft, silky mouth feel with multi-layer flavors with a long and velvety finish.

abv: 148%

How much: $50 retail

Wine composition: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot.  100% Napa Valley fruit.

Mitch only made 92 cases of the 2010 CFM.

I rated the 2010 pureCru CFM four glasses.  I really enjoyed it and I hope Mitch continues to make this wine in future vintages.


In Vino Veritas!

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